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    Tom Brady 3 superbowl rings, peyton manning 1 Ill take tom Brady over peyton manning any day of the week. Indy should just trade him now, and get some draft picks that choke artist will never win another superbowl.
  2. you rate every player's performance by their ring finger?

    your a moron

    STFU, idiot.

    go lose some $ to me
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    LOL, it must suck to watch your team have one of the best regular season records every year only to bow out early in the playoffs because peyton manning cant get it done in the post season.

    Peyton should change his name to Choke.

    Choke Manning cost his team the game on sunday by throwing 4 picks, he is such a hack. Plus the guy is a huge baby, he sits on the sidelines all game pouting like a little girl.

  4. when has peyton ever chocked? his D chokes. His O'LINE chokes.

    but Peyton NEVER choked a day in his life.

    he could even hit your sorry as on the #'s
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    You seem to have some very strong man love for Peyton. I believe he's already married though.
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    Yep he definately seems to have a thing for dudes, i think he has a crush on Gabfly1 as well.
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    Throwing 2 picks in last years superbowl as well as a pick six which buried his team was his defenses fault? Or was it his O-Lines Fault? Could you please clear this up for me, i need to know who i should be blaming.
  8. In terms of ff, I'll take Philly the Hillbilly Rivers over those two any day of the week. The guy has had no one to throw to for the past month and is on pace to break several passing records. He gets V-Jack and Gates back next week. He'll be taking me to the ship. No biggie.
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