Quantum of Solace

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    The movie "Casino Royale" is stylish, romantic, intelligent, believable, good action, and one of the most beautiful woman on the planet [whose character is also developed because Eva Green is not only exquisite, but she is bright] as the love interest.

    QOS is a huge disappointment. They insult the intelligence of the typical man with this film.
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  3. It wasn't that bad. I'm not looking for "Being and Nothingness" out fof a Bond film. This Bond cuts an image that makes his ass kicking believable. Gadgets seem to be phased out, just raw manstuff for this Bond. Nice Aston Martin chase at the beginning.
    I'll agree Casino Royale was better but that was an exceptional
    film, this film is better than alot of the fare out lately, but a little too much action emphasis. May be the least appealing women-wise Bond film ever. Daniel Craig is cool, what us domesticated males aspire to ...maybe in the next life.
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    I could not agree more. James Bond is now James Bourne. Casino Royale was a much better film.

  5. Bourne knock off. Even Roger Moore hates it.

    I guess if it makes money tho thats all they care about.
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    They made 22 bond movies so far - I would rate the latest Bond at the bottom of the list.

    Quantum of Solace rank # 22 out of 22.

    Basically this wasn't a James Bond movie - it was just a action movie with no story. The music on this movie was terrible.

    The franchise remains as one of the longest running film series in history. But if they make another Bond movie like that they are going to kill the prospects for future movies for the James Bond series.

  7. Oh, you can't be serious.

    No, I haven't seen either yet, sure, but-there were some truly shit bond films there, and I mean appalling.

    George Lazenby? Remember him? Of course not, because his film sucked so badly they dragged his bond ass outta there, after one film.
    Come on, watch Lazenby's film and repeat your claim. It stank on ice.

    Longest running film series in history, I will give you that, but so what, film isn't actually that old-and only through the sheer pugnaciousness of a certain Broccoli, would we see any bond films, at all.

    I'm just saying, is all........and
    "Shank you, mish monneypenny".
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    ...have a new box office record for a Bond film. :)
  9. I saw it last night and really liked it.....I like the NEW Bond! Anytime Bond is messing with Globalist Wealth Entities I APPROVE!!! :cool:
  10. The Bourne movies were really good, so comparing QOS to Bourne is actually a compliment!
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