QuantTerminal - anyone familiar with this platform? Thoughts good or bad?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by bluelou, Jan 13, 2021 at 11:50 AM.

  1. bluelou


    Is anyone here a QuantTerminal user or have any familiarity with this platform and/or the firm?

    I'd be interested in trying it out, it looks okay from the demos and docs. But, I've never heard of them, I don't know any users, and I don't know anything about who's behind the firm, how stable their funding is, how active the platform is being maintained, etc. Any information would be much appreciated.

  2. fan27


    I have used the platform for a couple of years and do consulting work specifically for it. I know the owner and can vouch for him, the product and their support staff. It is hyper actively being maintained, in that it is not uncommon to report an issue and get a fix within a week. I trade futures and I have clients trading equities with the platform. Keep me posted if you decide to use...I can share some "tips and tricks".
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  3. traider


    Looks like ninjatrader. What is the main difference?
  4. There's absolutely no information on who owns or runs on the website, which for me personally is a red flag

  5. bluelou


    Thanks a lot fan27! I don't have specific questions for you right now, but I will soon. Also, if you don't mind I may p.m. you on consulting work, etc.
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  6. bluelou


    That's a fair point and one that concerned me. I found a little bit about the guy running it. But, I don't have a sense for his prior work, resources, etc. It's definitely not worth it if it's a one- or two-man show running this with their savings out of their homes. I'm hoping it's much more than that and there's an active trader/small institution client base.
  7. bluelou


    I haven't looked at NinjaTrader in 4 or 5 years. Back then, for automated trading, it was absolute garbage for any realistic execution (i.e. L1 limit orders) - probably fine if you want to get your face ripped off and submit market orders 'on bar'. I could go on, but it's not constructive. I'm hoping QT is something more than the typical retail platform.
  8. fan27


    Portfolio level backtesting/live trading. Ease of using multiple time-frames.