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  1. I've recently come hold of managing a project for a source code licensee of the product known as QuantStudio(QuantDeveloper, DataCenter, and CATS2) the same products QuantHouse have been founded on. Not much has been done with it since it's purchase, but he would like to see it get updated to some of the more modern features and technologies of today, as would I. I'm doing a great deal of work myself, but would like to take on some other interested parties that have expertise in the areas I'm seeking improvement of the code as well. I'm having particular interest in .NET programmers who have some or all of the skills below. I'm choosing to post on ET in addition to some other places for some obvious reasons...One, there are a lot of software developers here, probably as many as there are in the financial field in general. Two, I tend to hate having to explain everything to a person that's never traded before but develops software, and three, we both might share some alterior motives and interests.

    .NET 4 parallel programming\TPL and system.threading.threadpool in general

    system.reflection namespace knowledge

    entity framework- updating jet databases to sql ce for 64 bit use

    Windows Forms\Windows Presentation Foundation and Graphical User Interfaces in general. working with libraries like those from Component Art.

    familiarity with libraries from www.zeroc.com or strong knowledge of client/server apps that could provide similar functionality from server to mobile phone.

    Windows 7 mobile development or other smart phone dev

    Additionally but seperately I have two other interests. One in finding coders that have expertise in Matlab. Especially if you have a good understanding of trading system,algo dev, portfolio analysis within it and you understand the 2009 or 2010 algorithmic trading with matlab webinars well.

    Second, coders that are proficient in making systems using OpenQuant and or QuantDeveloper. If you understand the api's well and get things done rather quickly then I'd be intersted in speaking with you as well. Also if you know how to make broker plugins for it that's an additional but unneeded plus.

    Any and all of the skills above could be useful to the project I have at hand presently. Although the interests are few because I know exactly what needs to be done and where it needs to be done at. I'm more concerned in relieveing myself of some of the grunt work than anything. The project is being managed via VS 2010 Team Server for ease of access. If you have these skills and perhaps lack some of the tools to work with. I can setup a vitualized envirionment for you from one of my servers to access them. I've worked with people from all over the world before, so provided that you can at least speak/type english well enough that I can understand you, then feel free to private message me, so we can discuss details further. Serious responders only please. I'll probably speak with many people but will only choose a few. Thank You.