Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by taowave, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. taowave


    Anyone out there using Quantshare?Downloaded the trial and subsequently purchased it.Looks like a really good program
  2. dowsurfer


    founded them today and first-look opinion - this is the most suitable software for any trading situations and testing needs I ever seen. can't understand why I didn't hear about it before? with such a poor marketing do they have enough money to support product until they will be repaid?
  3. taowave


    I am still in the early phase of the learning curve,but the program is really good.Some of the documentation needs to be updated,but it is an excellent mix of an advanced coding platform(their own language,and I believe C# or jscript.net.

    It also has great flexible charting and some very easy to implement statistical tools.In my specific case,it has some interesting plug-ins and data managers which enable me to work with fundamental databases as well.Still getting up to speed there.

    Its a really good program...

    And before I get accused of working for the company,I have zero affiliation.I also use Ami, on occasion AIQ and Stratasearch which is much different.