quantshare vs amibroker

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  1. Since you asked me personally about why ...

    Why would I wanna use quantshare for Monte Carlo if Neoticker's EquityMonaco has been available free to use for years and easily being callable from within AmiBroker. One of many possibilities.

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  2. Multi system backtesting, ..., ... in AmiBroker is of similar easiness. So if that is painful then I like painful stuff. To be honest I don't care whether it is painful to you because I was just replying to your first post that implied that MC and multi system whatever (you were not clear about what was even meant specifically) would not be doable. Again I suggest some anger management.
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  3. Good point about that. There is never enough of that on trading forums. I am familiar with Amibroker because I could easily get a free trial. And it's for unlimited time with some features limited.

    I don't like the marketing practices of quantshare, though they may have a good product. If they want me to take a free trial why do they want my email address? That's not really free, that comes with strings attached.
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  4. Thanks for sharing! Have any other videos for AmiBroker?

    Are there other plugins your recommend?
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  5. Well, I have tried QS once and it didn't have some essential features like detaching charts. Also you have to open too many windows for doing different stuff. In AB the complete analysis features are done via one window that you can open multiple times of course and detach also. Of course there are also quite a few other windows (attachable/detachable) in AB but IMO it is ergonomically better solved than in QS. Also I didn't like that Quantshare seems to phone to different servers but maybe I'm misinterpreting. But besides that QS is a good software as you said. Overall it seems QS want to copy AB. Is there any better compliment to Tomasz? I'm not a developer myself BTW, so am not affiliated to any vendor out there. But I'm programming for my own private trading related stuff and other things.
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  6. No, I'm no Martin Scorsese. ;) But lame jokes aside there are a few videos on their website. What tutorial(?) video(s) are you looking for?

    Not sure what kind of plug-ins you are looking for. But there is any plugin you have in mind possible since AB provides a free SDK (software development kit). There is also a 3rd party SDK called .NET for AmiBroker available.
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  7. I actually did not say so. I don't know this software, so simply don't know how good it is and I am not saying it's bad but only that I don't like their marketing practices which means that they will not have me as a customer.
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  8. You seem to be rather dismissive of what is a very good piece of work. I mean Amibroker. You may actually discourage others from using quantshare.

    Don't be like that dick -


    who was running smear jobs on his competitors until he got exposed and his reputation is now in the toilet.

    Denigrating your competitors is the lowest form of self-promotion and it says more about you than your competitor.
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  9. SteveH


    Does quantshare support Interactive Brokers and eSignal as real-time data sources?

    Thanks. I'd like to at least know that before coughing up an e-mail address.
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  10. eSignal, no.
    As for IAB, you should ask QS support themselves. But when I tested it this year IAB connection was still in beta status. It seems the whole platform is not quite optimized in regards to stability yet because I got quite a few "Quantshare encountered a problem. Do you want to send an error report". The concept is pretty similar to AmiBroker (even formula functions and keywords have same or similar names) but with one difference that AB is very stable and without "phoning home" feature. But I also repeat that QS is a good software overall.
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