quantshare vs amibroker

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    which one is better?
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    ok, I have amibroker and now tried quantshare, quantshare is better, way more features for the same low price. Multi-system, montecarlo and a lot more.
  3. You can do Monte Carlo simulations in AmiBroker.

    Another possibility is to export the trade results and import them to i.e. free tool Equity Monaco.

    Multi-System? What do you mean? Trading/backtesting/optimizing multiple systems? Possible in AmiBroker.
  4. What's the price of quantshare? I don't see it listed on their site. Kinda odd.
  5. That's because it's priceless.

    And to try it out you need to give them your email address. You don't have to do it when trying Amibroker. At least that was the case last time I did it.
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    it costs $250
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    sorry but amibroker sucks when it comes to that, its possible and its a pain in the ass too
  8. Sorry, but actually it is rather simple. But for some people even simplicity is a pain. ;)
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    there are too many wannabes in this forum trying to prove something instead of focusing on their bottom line

    if you want to test many systems and indicators like I do daily its a pain in the ass, since both softwares are about the same price why would you go with amibroker??

    same goes for the stupid custom backtesting in amibroker, in quantshare its 10x easier, they have a free trial why dont you do that and tells us about it?
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    write about the stupid multi-system backtesting and monte carlo with amibroker so people can learn how simple it is.
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