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  1. hi,

    can anyone advise as to the largest move ever, not counting the open, in the nq and the es within a three minute period ??

    thank you quants,

    surfer :)
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    i think it was a 100+ points during the fed announcement 2 years ago
  3. Trane


    That 100pt afterhours spike a few months ago!
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    true, but the one I was refering to was mid day after a surprise announcement to cut rates.
  5. Trane


    Yes, indeed Lommis, but it wasn't quite 100 in 3 mins -- took a lil longer to play out...

    My bet is on Jan 02 2001 with Loomis, since the one afterhours a few months ago was deemed 'not real' and was busted...
  6. That cut was 03 Jan 01.
  7. dloomis514

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    I remember that because my system said to go short about 30 secs before, ouch

    always understood what leverage meant after that
  8. If I remember correctly, it was the second day of the trading year, and the first day of the new year the market sold off sharply...Then, the market bottomed on that morning and right around 12 noon, that surprise rate cut surfaced...I heard one success story out of that fiasco from someone who had quick fingers and did get in on it...I also remember several people who had been pressing the short side throughout that presidential run-off in Nov-Dec, 2000 got caught on that move and never came back...I think they just gave up trading after that...

    We had another spike off of a report in April, 2001, in a very similar type of event, except that this type it occurred after a monthly breakout, so macro funds, etc. were probably a bit more prepared and/or positioned for it that time around...

    I still say the Oct, 1998 spike was the most lethal I have ever seen...5 minutes after the bond market close, one day before options expiration, in the midst of rumors of LTCM insolvency, Russian devaluation, Asian "contagion", and the market never looked back after that...But that was one crazy final hour, and at that time somewhat unprecendented...That set the stage for so many of these intra-day spikes following that day
  9. I've been trading for many moons and the pop in early January 2001 (I believe it was the 3rd like mentioned previously) stands out in my mind. It was largely unexpected and a great deal of people were short the market at the time. Luckily I was flat, but the panic buying/covering was incredible.
  10. we may just see moves like these again soon. be ready for anything !

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