Quantpedia's master list of historical data sources

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    We have created a long list of historical data sources as a help for traders to choose a source they are looking for:


    We have a good responses on it so I believe it will be useful for you ...
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  2. This is good stuff. Thank you for posting quality and useful material. !!
  3. What do you do and what do you offer? Nothing in your About page and all your data and broker vendors are just external third party providers, a list even a high schooler can assemble. Seriously, I am curious what are you actually selling?

  4. raddo


    I described it more here:

    We are reviewing academic research papers related to quantitative trading. We select the best papers and extract trading rules in plain language, performance and risk characteristics and various other characteristics. See:


    The most common quantitive trading strategies are free, uncommon and high performing are published in premium account.