Quantitative Methods

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  1. All the basic tools are available to the public in most of the charting software packages.

    The discipline in implementing them is the key.

    1) position sizing
    2) entry
    3) exit
    4) risk management(stop loss)

    Quantitative hedge funds are basically looking at the same information as everyone else.

  2. You're completely off.
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    I concur with TSGannGalt:p
  4. this is my thinking:

    these quantitative methods use massive amounts of data and in depth statistical methods and find trends that when x happens, y happens, then z happens. They find loads of these types of trends/patterns - some that occur with 60%, 70%, or x% efficiency. Then they just try to exploit the most efficient trends/patterns and if the data is fairly predictive they win more than they lose.

  5. PLEASE STOP! this is sooo wrong its not even funny.

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    Why is he wrong?
  7. Sorry to say...
    But, in this post, you are wrong.

    I have 100,000 lines of professional quality proprietary code...
    Perhaps 50% of that running in real-time...
    So no one with off-the-shelf software could possibly compete with me in the niches I exploit.

    Other than being better capitalized...
    The NYSE Specialists cannot compete with me...
    So they have to cheat me whenever they can...
    Which is, oh, maybe 10% of all trades...
    Which I just absorb as the "cost of doing business".

    Since > 90% of hedge funds are nothing more than elaborate "skimming operations"...
    This applies ONLY to the 10% that are serious quants exploiting market inefficiencies.
    ALL of this 10% are running proprietary strategies and software...
    Which they are certainly NOT going to talk about in any detail...
    Because it's a Zero Sum Game.

    Helping anyone get on top of your Game...
    Will cost you money as a matter of mathematics...
    Unless you competitor is grossly incompetent...
    In which case you might benefit somewhat.
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    Tell me this is just a joke...
  9. April fools... But it was funny to read HoundDog's usual vitriolic hyperbole.

  10. 90% of hedge funds are simple long/short equity funds.

    skimming operations for the management, perhaps, is what you mean?

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