Quantitative Easing video

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    Not bad but some misleading statements; could've been better.
  2. Yes, i thought it was excellant... what did i miss that was wrong... so i know better... thanks.. :)
  3. I'd have to go through it again as I didn't care about the Goldman Sachs rhetoric. But, the Fed is not printing money; QE2 is an asset swap. And the mentioning of higher taxes is not inflation, it's just higher taxes. Stock and bond prices are not inflation. Food and energy prices are too volatile to be considered accurate measures of inflation.
  4. Fun video but a little too rudimentary in their talks about deflation.
  5. I have to admit these videos are pretty funny. :D
  6. LMAO, it is funny.

    But here is a fact: Fed stated that QE2 would involve the purchase of Treasury coupon securities and not Treasury bills. This implied that one of the goals of QE2 was to bring down the interest rate levels on longer-maturity securities. The Ben Bernak and the economists have believe the hypothesis that interest rates on longer-maturity securities are what "count" for decisions related to private-fixed investment expenditures.

    Many believe that if the Fed said that QE2 would involve the purchase of $600 billion of Treasury bills and not Treasury coupon securities, criticism of this phase would not be so strong.
  7. QE2 really is:


    Appears munibonds may be bought next as that world is collapsing.