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  1. Any courses offering content either

    1) programing rules with statistical prove
    2) sector trading
    3) scaling
    4) bar patterns
    5) diversification

    recommend some courses for sales
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    u should go back to school and get a math, computer science, and finance degrees.

    there is no short cut learning higher education mathematics. NONE
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    Over in the 'futures spreads trading' thread here in the educational forum, I listed several links to some truly excellent exchange sources for Nymex, CBOT, and CME spread topics.

    Most of the very best white papers on arbitrage and spread construction are published by the exchanges.

    And they are free.
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    Can we get that rule enacted here on ET ?
  8. Not talking about academic course but those courses sold from real trader with the courses content having the either of the 5 factors

    One course is the ETF Trading course 5 dvd from Ken Calhoun
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    Haha, good luck finding one of those...

    You inquired about quantitative courses...

    It is far better to learn the theory from an academic institution, or by self-study, and use one's own creative force to apply the knowledge in a profitable way. No one is going to give away/sell a profitable approach, it just isn't worth it...
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