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  1. dknj23


    Hi all,
    I was just updating my resume and needed some help. what do you think would be good technically jargon for what we do. for example
    - investigating historical price data points and forecasting future price movement
    - executing price and time sensitive stock orders

    etc, etc..,

    looking for any b.s. that may sound good to put in on a resume. any and all comments appreciated, thanks.

  2. I define my occupation as: development and implementation of derivative and equity systems
  3. How about simply: Futurist :( :confused: :D

    or better yet: Speculative Engineer

    (sort of like a janitor being a "custodial engineer") lol
  4. Equity Prognosticator (Pontificator?)
  5. Non-philanthropic liquidity provider...
  6. gerico


    Miracle waiter?

    Crystal ball interpreter?

    Money surfer?
  7. Rigel


    Pragmatic Price Prognosticator.
  8. "Pattern Day Trader."

    They'll probably recommend counselling or a 12-step program or call security or something.
  9. What I do is

    "Buy stock, cross my fingers, and pace around the room"
    "Short stock, cross my fingers, and throw my pen"

    This could use some wordsmithing before being put on the resume.
  10. Equity Excursion Extrapolator

    Profit Extractor

    Negative Expectancy Management
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