Quantiative programming tutorial VBA Excel, c++ etc.

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    I started with Lotus via DOS in 1990, now I use Excel.

    But ignoring the more esoteric/specialist features and functions of today's Excel, progression isn't apparent.

    To reiterate, my original Lotus could be contained on, and run from, a single floppy; my current Excel.exe file alone is c 9mb on Excel XP. And I need few, if any, of the functions.

    Further, I would argue Lotus macros and the Command Language was more flexible and intuitive than anything from Excel.

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  2. that's interesting.. i've never had the opportunity to look at it.. i guess everyone just prefers the language they already know. it's like comparing English to Manderine.. I actually know someone who does wonders with pricing using "lingo" in Macromedia director.. apparently it's really flexible.. i guess each languages suits a different kind of personality - organisation, clarity and logic.. (btw to tell u the truth im a delphi man myself and in my view it's better than all the rest - only if borland known how to market it well..)..

    p.s. here is a very good site if anyone wants to learn "lingo": http://www.vtc.com/products/directormx2004lingo.htm
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  3. Batman - great thread . . .

    Where did you jump for the BScall to this Eurotrash(kidding).

    I followed along but then got lost b/c I thought we were inserting a scroll bar into the original BScall workbook????

    I d/led this european call sheet though . . .it didn't work for right off . . I'm going to fool around for a bit.

    You think you post some more stuff?
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  4. Batman - my file is not working correctly.

    Let me post it to see if you can catch what is happening.

    One thing that is really annoying is that the scroll bar does not allow the user to scroll right now. Anytime you place the mouse cursor over the sb, it just goes into that resize mode.

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  5. Batman28?
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  6. bidask


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  7. hey,

    i don't see anything wrong with it. the scroll bar works fine in my excel. strange. did u upload the right file? it seems to be working fine.

    ive takin a little rest from et, actually from the computer too ..rest my eyes a bit lol ill hopefly put up something different soon when i can..
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  8. I'll look at it again . . weird if it's working for you.
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  9. I don't know, must have been a problem within my Excel. .

    I reopened the file I posted and it worked fine . . .

    I'm going to build a little more on it.
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  10. Grant



    Did you manage to vectorize the function BlackSholes()? If so, could you post an image of the end result, ie the output/calculated figures?

    Thank you.

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