QuantHouse, Clarifi, Alphacet, 4th Story

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by skan, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. skan



    I'd like to know your opinion on these Alpha-generation platforms:
    QuantHouse, Clarifi, Alphacet, 4th Story

    I'm mostly interested in knowing how do they compare in performance, if their customers are happy with their services, problems, ...?
    I can find information of them separately but not a comparison, except some non-free documents at Automated Trader and another at Aite, that, as a student, I can't afford them

  2. aloumeau


    Hi Skan !
    I can't tell much...
    But I do know that Quanthouse and Alphacet are institutional platforms. So these are not for you and I...
    But... Quanthouse has a retail software called smartquant. You should give a try and see for yourself.
    Hope this was helpfull
  3. skan


    I did know that
    My intention is not to use them but just to make a small report for my teachers.

    best regards