Quantative Easing

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    There is no cash, so the FED wants to print money

    The US as a country is in debt and broke.

    Qauntative easing is just so the FED can print cash and give to wall street banks. 15% unemployment...no savings....people have no reason to save money or no money to save and put into savings accounts...and with quantative easing...people are actually poorer with inflation. the banks and wall street want qauntative easing cause the printed money goes to them....who benefits the most from quantative easing?
  2. Is this a serious post?

    By the way, there is no inflation.
  3. It's "quantitative", not "quantative".
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    it's not joke when bullard goes on national TV and wants qauntative easing.

    it's just gov't central planning of free market economy.

    these banks and wall street guys just want the gov't to print cash and give it to them. for free. at 0% interes rates

    cash is from savings and profits

    high taxes reduce savings and profits less or no cash in the banking system. i think bullard knows this banking RULE! printing money is same as counterfeit money.

    the problem is the US gov't can't stop spending on wars and deficits. etc bloated gov't bureacracy..and with aging population less people working paying taxes. paradigm shift in the US economy..an aging population.

    in third world countries like zimbawe the country printed so much money their currency became worthless and now th national currency is the USD

    what the gov't did in zimbawe is same as gov't theft. by making their currency worthless.

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    Why save money when you get absolutely no return in a simple savings account. They believe by continuously printing worthless dollars that everything is going to be good again, that the economy is going to turn around and everyone will be spending money they don't even have. Banks and wallstreet are the only ones feeling the good times with all this printed money. How much can they spend to keep this economy going, eventually the system will collapse, its not healthy to keep feeding the system worthless dollars as everything around it is still in a credit crisis, who ever thought spending their way out of this crisis was the answer, bubble ben bernanke will be on capitol hill for the next decade talking about his monetary policies and how he thought that printing trillions of dollars would be the answer to everyone's downfall.
  6. there is no inflation because it is not working, if they really believed they can inflate their way out of the recession, it is better to do what i suggest, put money directly into our pockets,10k each no questions asked.
  7. My balls need some quantitative easing. :]
  8. Aaaaargh! Please stop the nonsense, please... My head is hurting.
  9. I guess we might as well accept the fact that some people don't have a clue about what's going on.
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    Quantative easing.

    Easy money...oh yeah..why don't these banks and bastards on wall street work for their money like the rest of us. instead of asking the gov't for gov't support or gov't welfare check. isn't 0% interest enough. what more do the banks want.

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