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    Appreciate any pointers:
    I run a team of quants and IT professionals at a large hedge fund, we are ready to trade for ourselves. I am intersted in members opinions of the most likely home, key goals:
    1) 80%-100% payout on day trading (no overnight, delta neutral)
    2) excellent IT infrastructure:
    Price Feed data plant (prefer direct from each exchange)
    Trading Links: we speak all APIs for each exchange, so Direct Access is a big plus
    Data Center Co-Lo for our "worker grid" that runs the processing and trading
    3) potential for running seperate "stat arb" portfolio up to $25mmx$25mm with high payouts (very low VAR and managed by very senior ex-bank and hedge fund professionals)
    4) Plug and Play offices - fiber-lit building a plus

    We are happy to provide initial loss protection capital.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I am setting up a new trading location. You folks might be a perfect fit for my office suite. I will have all the logistics in place by next week. I will pm the address. Parking is plentiful and I am near a well known fast food business. The view is a bit restricted and some people may be put off by the transient smells, but I call it home.

    Talk to you later

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  4. are the stat arb ports domestic or international--- if international what economies are your focus?

    where are you, flexible to relocate?

    good luck,