Quant hype?

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  3. Pretty complicated stuff. Only time will tell.
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  6. The more dimensions you add to the mix, the easier it is to find patterns that seem tight but buyer beware.google "the curse of dimentionality"
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    Lol yeah that's how they grab the money of investors. And you have to add something like 20% return monthly and money will flow to your pocket.
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    My understanding is that this is HFT outlet in the crypto space. I bet this youngster either one of the newly minted crypto billionaires or son of one.
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    When I read this in the article I had questions:"By 13, he had taught himself how to program and trade virtual stocks, and was quant trading soon after."

    Around the age of 13-14 he was a quant??? Must be a new record.

    I watched the website. No information about any track record, no mention about AUM, no information at all. Except for the typical things you find on all these websites.

    The article is written for a purpose: attract readers. So the story should be exceptional as readers are not interested in everyday's ordinary stuff.
    Let's see in a few years if we still hear from this boy. Let's hope he is not another one like this one:
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