Quality of Intraday Data Providers

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by agrau, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. agrau


    Dear all,

    I compared Qcharts', Esignal's and TickData's historical series. I found that Esignal and tickdata series are the same ... and Qcharts has different data (OHLC).

    So I was wondering if any of you know why this is, and how to deal with it. Which one would you recommend?

    2nd: It seems that www.CQG.com is the most realiable? Do you agree? If I subscribe at CQG, can I download all the historical data to excel?

    Any other pointers regarding quality, availability etc. etc. of data are most appreciated. And please forgive if this subject has been stressed ever so often.

  2. agrau,

    nice to meet someone with cqg.
    how much cost this service approximately ?

  3. Q Charts uses 24 hour data for their historical data on futures, and they may do this with stocks as well, although I haven't checked.

    The best historical data I have ever seen is CSI. Although originally a commodities data base, they have stocks now as well. The data is very clean, but a little spendy. This is only end of day data however.

  4. Should be around 600$ for CQGNet
  5. I would start cheap and work my way up if you find it is inadequate. CQG is way expensive and I doubt their data is any different from Qcharts. They do have studies that the others do not. DTN has some attractive products. FutureSource used to be the standard for futures data, but they have changed their platform a lot and I am not familiar with what they offer now. Their customer service is tops however.

    I have found the quality of connection to be far more important than any other factor with these internet providers. If your routing to their server has issues, you will not be happy no matter how good they are.
  6. alain


    I used to use cqg and out of my experience the software is not stable sometimes. i.e. eSignal is much more reliable regarding stability issues imo.
  7. I have used quote.com, futuresource, esignal and atfinancial. It comes down to reliability of the data provider.