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  1. I wonder if we are being played here.

    Let's assume we started out with high quality food back in the day.

    The along came science and artificial ingredients and substitutes for the "real" thing.

    After we eat this synthesized food for several generations, everyone and his brother is obese and a myriad of health problems.

    Now the push is on for low sodium, low calorie, low cholesterol count calories on every menu.

    To me, this looks like once again, more tweaking of artificial food. Our go'vt is doing everything they can to avoid the problem which is to serve up, real food.

    When was the last time anyone saw an advertisement for an apple?
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  3. Sarah Palin mock Michelle Obama when she talk about eating good food. She thinks is not her business.
    But Sarah Palin put her daughter on the tv (Oprah) to tell the whole world she will not have sex again.
  4. The quality of foodstuffs in American supermarkets is atrocious.

    think European supermarkets are much better
  5. Michelle Obama is a disgusting cow. Much like the rest of you liberal losers,she doesn't practice what she preaches. She is always eating hamburgers, fries, and other fatty foods, but in keeping with the liberal way, she wants everyone else to "eat healthy".

    "Do as I say, not as I do"- Liberal crede
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    Experiment for yourself. My results to date have taken me beyond what medical science can do in some cases.

    Assumption: the food supply is shit, modified to look good, last on the shelves, enhance profits, etc, at the cost of nutrition

    Method: find out what's missing from the food supply, what's bad that's in it, and supplement /avoid as needed

    I took Omega 3 and depression went away, allergies went away, I'm good to go

    I took Phosphatidylserine and brain function became much better after only a few days. Writing software went from pure torture to pleasure.

    I took Hyaluronic Acid and my shoulder bursitis pain went from 8 on a 10 scale to 2... I told the doctor about that and the piece of shit said "if you cured bursitis with a supplement then it was not diagnosed properly in the first place"

    I took a very high quality multivitamin and my liver function got better

    I took psyllium husk fiber and my digestion got far better

    I got into nootropics and took Piracetam and my brain hemispheres started communicating much better, making plans and implementing them became much easier, my dreams became vivid beyond anything I can recall since childhood.. I took Selegiline and raised my hgh levels to that of a teenager and learned that I can recover from injury and exercise much faster...

    I stopped eating anything with sugar or preservatives and my immune system got better as evidenced by lack of suffering during cold and flu season...

    I experimented with colloidal silver, leaned to snort it, eye-drop it, ear-dro it, nebulize it, swish it and ingest it... infection and inflammation are greatly reduced as evidenced by certain pains that I no longer have.

    There is a lot more that I've done, I investigated the idea that our bodies are partly made of subtle energies, learned to breathe in energy, to control it's flow, to use it's strength in a few ways, Tai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga are great for that, I found martial arts to just foster violence and avoid that stuff like a plague, besides Tai Chi is the best martial art and doesn't involve violent thoughts...

    I learned that lies from the devil give him partial control of my life via our flesh and shut down our ability to hear from God. I learned to root out those lies, confess believing them as sin, put that sin on the cross with Jesus and let Him take care of it, to tell the devil he has no more legal right to my flesh and to send him away permanently.. That is one big key to health...

    There is a lot more I've done, it's based on "do your own due diligence" style of thinking....
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    I think she is saying to have vegetables and fruit more. She is not saying never eat the hamburger. She is not extreme.
  8. Really? I thought that was eye of Newt Gingrich's slogan. You know, pointing an accusatory finger at Clinton during the Lewinsky affair while simultaneously cheating on his cancer-stricken wife, whom he then left for another woman, who then had MS, whom he then cheated on and subsequently left for yet another woman. All the while talking the good talk about family values. And who is now making noises about running for president.

    Oh, and wouldn't the following also be a good example of that slogan:
    Looks like maybe this "do as I say, not as I do" thing has a more impressive presence on Conservative turf.
  9. Glad to hear things have improved for you. Just wanted to mention on this point, if you haven't heard of this, I saw an article (or maybe was on TV) about people who turned blue from some kind of silver overdose. Sorry, don't know the name or condition, but you can probably find something on google. Experimenting and finding your own answers is good, just sometimes need to be careful.
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