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  1. I eat two packs every morning usually with blueberries or an apple cut up in there.

    Anyway, Quaker oatmeal has a "new look" box that just came out. As I'm emptying the packets into the bowl I notice that there's less than usual, and I mean a lot less.

    So I look at the serving size on the side of the box and compared it to one of their old boxes. Those fuckers cut the size by 18.5%!!!

    As if those packets weren't small enough!

    This downsizing of products in lieu of raising prices is just ridiculous. Pretty soon one serving will be two spoonfuls.

    I'll be changing over to Kashi now. Take that Quaker!!!! :p
  2. Come on ... don't be that naive!!

    You know this country was built on the principles of wealth redistribution. Every company is out there to sell their product for as much as possible while reducing how much it costs them to make it.

    You will see the largest difference is this price when it comes to big companies like QUAKER!

    I say find an alternate.... Kashi is pretty pricey too I think. They are one of the bigger 'health' brands

    When I go shopping, I always grab from the sale/clearance crates and usually go for the local store brand because (even though you sacrifice a lil taste, you get more per $.

    1 gallon = "2 quarts, 1 pint, 9 fliud ounces" lol

    My daddy taught me to look at price per OZ when comparing similar products
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    Why would anyone buy oatmeal in individual serving packet sizes, rather than just a bulk bag? An aversion to value? An inability to add one's own ingredients?
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    just buy that huge box for like $5.5(half price of those pre packed bags). mix 4 spoons with MILK(not fucking water(1-2% milk will work just fine)), put it in microwave for 4 min and after that add whatever(dry apricots,dry cranberries,any fresh berry's,nuts etc)
  6. I met an old guy once, near 80 years old. He was still working tearing apart old boilers. Had arms like Popeye. Told me he was sick all the time in his younger days. Turns out he was allergic to most food. So, out of necessity he became a lacto-ovo vegetarian. He ate no animal protein at all. In the the morning he would eat a big bowl of whole oats, cooked, and half a cantalope. In the evening he would eat a very big salad.
    A quick check on Ebay found a 50 lb. sack of whole oats going for around $77.00. The local feed and grain store probably has a better deal.
  7. "The local feed and grain store probably has a better deal."

    What the hell... Are you people horses?

    But, no seriously... I eat oats for breakfast every day. :cool: Organic, not Quaker... From a wholesale place that also does retail. I can't stand instant oats...
  8. Oats is oats, Range Trader. But if you want, you can pay a lot more for the "human" oats.
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    I've eaten oats for years, either mircrowaved in winter or uncooked and just refrigerated in skim milk for hours along with several other ingredients, but only for supper. (I do love it cold and soggy on a hot summer evening, but not alone -- I add about a dozen ingredients.) It is a great evening meal because it aids sleep:

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