Quadro versus GeForce graphics card in trading

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  1. From reading NVidia's website, learned that Quadro NVS graphics chips are designed for "professionals" and the GeForce chips are for gamers and home use (general purpose).

    Further found some comments like these:

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    A quadro card is used for graphics design and CAD processing. It isn't meant for highend gaming

    Quadro cards are intended for content creation, and they are tested an optimized for that type of use. GeForce cards are intended for gaming and general applications, and they're optimized for that.
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    So far I have only used graphics cards with the GeForce series (e.g. 5400FX, 8400GS, etc.). From what I gathered the Quadro series are more expensive (sold as new). e.g. a dual card Quadro NVS 300 is ~$180. A GeForce 8400GS dual card can be had for $60.

    From a trading application perspective, do you see any added advantage using the Quadro cards versus the GeForce cards? e.g. more reliable? Pictures clearer? Refresh/painting faster?
  2. I'm currently using both. I see no difference at all. I've mostly used Quadro NVS for the last 5-6 years or so (currently, the 295).. and buy them on eBay for $25-$35, on average.
  3. only difference that i've seen is that only quadro has nview support, whereas all ati cards support hydravision.
  4. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL


    I use a 6800GT w/dual outputs.

    More than enough to draw charts and allows me to game after hours.
  5. Main advantage of NVS over (most) GeForce cards is the low power consumption (~20W) and lack of a cooling fan making them quieter and potentially more reliable as fans can fail.

    I have a pair of NVS 285s and they work well.

    If you are looking at GeForce cards, then the new GT 430 might be a decent alternative to NVS - low profile, power consumption just 10W at idle (which is what it will be most of the time when displaying charts) and max consumption < 40W when flat out playing games.
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    This gives me an idea..... I'm planning to build a new PC mainly for trading but why not set it up for better graphics that can handle games and 3-D video also?

    If I went with a 3 monitor setup using the main monitor running off of a Radeon HD 5770 or similar and two side screens running off of the NVS295/300, would that work?

    I'm using one 19 inch screen now so I think 3 would be enough.

    Would combining the two graphics cards work?

  7. ATI is AMD's brand. Quadro NVS is NVidia's chip. Two different chipsets. I would avoid mixing them. I am not saying it won't work. Just I would not attempt it.
  8. The primary reasons you wouldn't want to trade off of your gaming machine are heat and the noise that it usually takes to cool. If you don't mind the noise for trading all day, then no worries.

    There are several gamer ATI cards out now that will run 3 monitors... might want to look into that.
  9. basically a ridiculous question if you have even the slightest knowledge of the technology.

    if anything you'd want the gamer card.

    and you can slow down the fans to 1/2 speed and they are quite quiet that way.