Quadro NVS Dualhead Video Cards... 280, 285, 290

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  1. I have these cards left over after my upgrading....

    1. NVS 280, AGP, 64MB VRAM, 1600x1200 DVI.... Good for a machine a bit older... like a Dimension 8300... $30.00

    2. NVS 285 PCIEx1, 128MB VRAM, 1920x1200 DVI...Good for adding 3rd and 4th monitor on most PCIE machines (excluding Vostro). Works with NVS 290 and/or NVS 285 PCIEx16. This card is uncommonly available... $60.00

    3. NVS 290 PCIEx16, 256MB VRAM, 1920x1200 DVI... $60.00

    All include shipping + DMS59 cables.

    PM with questions, please.
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    Some of you are getting new trading rigs, especially T3400s... They will come with one, NVS 290, but if you want to run more than 2 monitors, you'll need one or more additional cards.

    You can have TWO of whatever I have for $80, shipped. Cables included. All cards tested in my rigs and are in perfect condition.

    PM if interested, please.
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  4. I got a friend that may take at least one of those off your hands.

    I'll contact you in a few.
  5. If your friend is new to multi-video cards, I can be of help with the setup, too.
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    No more 280 PCI cards...

    Only 3 cards left.... get 'em while you still can.
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    I have also an NEW Nvidia Quadro FX570, dualhead, dual-link DVI... will run 2x 30" monitors in DVI...

    $100.00 shipped
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    Sorry, the FX570 is gone.
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