Quadro NVS 290... Heat Issues?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. This card has a large passive heat sink, so I've been wondering "how much heat".

    Any of you checked the GPU temperature and could report it here?

    If you don't have a utility installed to check the temp, you can try this one. The temps are under Hardware/Sensor.


  2. Gnome:

    I have 2 of the 290s installed. Temperature according to your download is 56 Degrees Centigrade. That's the GPU temperature.

    What's it all mean?

  3. That's the temperature of the graphics chip on the video card. I've read on Nvidia info boards, "<60C is preferred, and you don't really want it >70C".

    Of course, your case cooling efficiency has an impact on temperature.

    You are running 2, 290's.. right? Both x16s or one x16 and one x1? In either case, they are probably close together... that hampers cooling air flow and makes them run warmer than they might otherwise. (Some newer mobos have 2, x16 slots and they are separated by space to aid cooling.)

    I had 2, 285s running in mine at one time.... an x16 and an x1. They were next to each other so the heat from one also impacted the other... and they ran about 64C. I removed the x1 and installed a 280 PCI. Not only is the 280 cooler, but there is much more space between them now... and the temp reads 48C.

    Cooler is always better. And while yours are at the high end of "desirable", they're still OK.
  4. Yes, 2- 290s, both x16s. They are separated by a x4 slot if memory serves. Nothing is in that slot. If I understood the report correctly, both the 290s are 56 C.

  5. Actually, that both read the same is a program bug.... the "dual" reading is one of the GPUs being listed twice. I discussed this with Greg (program writer), and he said he hadn't been able to locate the bug, but it wasn't enough of an issue to spend much time on.... said he figured he'd just fix it when he ran across it some time.

    If interested, you might want to run your computer with the side panel off to see if the video card runs cooler... that will tell you a little about how the airflow in your case is working.

    Also, does your T3400 have a fan mounted to the heat sink or is it a case fan which draws/blows air indirectly across the heat sink?
  6. My Dell Vostro-400 has not only a case fan but also a heatsink and fan for the processor too.

    Let's remember that a video card is only going to get as "hot" as the demands that are being placed on it. I really can't see charting or a quote board putting that much "demand" on a graphics card.

    If you aren't playing a video game, and your other card is in a PCI-slot ( away from your PCI-Express slot ) I would say that your fine with an NVS 290 and its heat sink.

    If you are paranoid about heat, you can always rig up a fan on top of the heat sink ( given enough room ) and run a power cable for the fan back to a molex connector on the power supply unit of your computer.
  7. If you're referring to the heat sink on the card, no fan there. I can't tell you though what the fan set up is in general, since I didn't look all those times I had the case open. All I know is that the fan that was running so loud when I had that 440 installed no longer runs. LOL. Next time I have the case open I'll take a look.

  8. I wasn't asking about "fan on the video card"... I know it doesn't have one. I was asking if a fan was attached to the CPU heat sink. (The Vostro 200 has such a fan, the Dimension 9200 has no such fan.)

    Your mobo probably had a compatibility problem with that 440... after all, it's fairly old.
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