Quadriga's Baha on bloomberg tv at 11:39

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Copernicus, May 24, 2005.

  1. Hedge Fund = Roll Dice with your Money

    Snake Eyes, fold tent, start again.

    7 , Claim genius, double fees.
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  2. zdreg


    what is wrong with spending $50,000 a night on some whore from the management fees generated by your idiot newbie customers?:D

    ($50,00 fee paid by some arab sheiks came from a short documentary. I am sure tha itt can be done for $5,000)
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  3. jem


    just to finish this thread I noticed aaron was up .6% for the month.
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  4. :D
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  5. man


    sorry. that is nonsense. he is the sales. he has nothing to do with system, system writing or coding. nothing.
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  6. man


    sorry. i know the story before it started. and what you are telling is awfully wrong. baha started several business, none of them took off. this includes brokerage, software and publishing. he met halper, they started another new project, quadriga. they traded pretty discretionary in the first year, lost 10%, then halper developed a (IMHO opinion pretty much straight forward) trend following strategy. after year two they had USDm 15 under management. whatever you are telling seems to source in very vague material.
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  7. My information comes from the two "Christians", if they lie, i lie too that's obvious.
    This information is published on the website from Quadriga also.
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  8. man


    i do not think that you lie. it is just very vague. quadriga did never manage to get their foot set at any institutional investor. they say it is because all institutions are duckheads and were unable to detect their superiority. my thinking is that they were unable to make their edge clear compared to their competitors. and calling yourself "hedge fund" doesn't make you one. at least not if you talk to pros.

    sorry. i am sometimes defending them when critics are stupid, but at times i get upset by this "robin hood of the investment markets" -show.
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  9. Xenia