Quadriga's Baha on bloomberg tv at 11:39

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  1. should be interesting
  2. nitro


    They accept people that have $5K to invest and make $40K a year :eek:

  3. $1.9bil in assets.. charging up to 8% in fees... would like to take a tour of his castle in Monaco.
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    Thanks for the heads-up, Copernicus!

    I caught the interview (it was a phone interview with Baha in Monaco) and thought Baha did a good job. In short, he was asked about the current drawdown, if there have been mass redemptions, and Quadriga's high fees. To paraphrase his answers, they were: "The current drawdown is to be expected with our high leverage. Assets have been flowing in this year. And the fees are indeed high, but so have been the historical returns."

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    Lose millions in the markets but still make millions on the year. What a job. No wonder there's 8000 Hedge Funds in NA alone. These people will be happy breaking even, as long as they retain their clients they will be making millions. Ridiculous.

    My goal is to become a Hedge Fund manager in 5 years. If you can't beat them join them.

  6. don't agree with that

    kind of strange that he comes on tv when they are in the middle of a huge drawdown

    only caught the end when he says rather arrogantly he would like to know about another investment that returns as much
    I would never invest my money with an arrogant person, it just such a red flag to me .
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    Have you guys taken a look at how bad his returns have been year to date? They sent out a letter in german, heres some of it summarized.
    in short, it is stating that following the degrading of GM and Ford bonds, the so-called Superfunds lost feathers heavily – fund C from beginning of 2005 until May 17 a total of 28.6 %, fund B 23.2 %.... in April alone Superfund Global Consolidated Trust lost 15.93 %, Superfund C Eur Sicav lost 22.16 %, compared to CSFB Tremont Hedge Fund Index which lost in April only 1.04 %....

    These guys are a bunch of thieves, they get gullible small investors to invest and rape them with fees.
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    What is the incentive for a "low water mark"?
    He certainly treats himself well for a high water mark.
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    Does Quadriga trade corporate bonds? I thought they were only managed futures. Or are they saying the degrading of GM and Ford affected their futures positions?

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  10. Funds are having hard times - hedge funds and mutual funds.

    Investors should be blamed as much as the hedge fund managers.

    Personally, I think management fees should not exist. Managers should only share in profits. Also managers should have at least 70% of their net worth invested in their own funds.

    I have a lot more to say, but I'm in a rush.

    In sum funds will survive and thrive, investors must do a better job of educating themselves and managers must do better at managing risk and aligning their interests with those of their investors.
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