Quadriga Superfund strategy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DT-waw, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. Hmmm this fund is up 53% after first 2 months of 2003 http://www.iasg.com/SnapshotPT.asp?ID=420 and that's net of 35% incentive fee.
    Seems to be great strategy for a fund to trade aggressively when a fund is small - nothing to lose, high chances to attract new money, grow above ~$50M and then trade less aggressively, happy with nice $ from incentive & mgmt fees...
  2. yeah, it is pretty intriguing...If you track their month to month performance, you will notice they had a very sizable drawdown during that October-November super rally...They seem to just be aggressively short the indicies with uber leverage...The different classes of funds seem to only differ in the leverage used and the MER...
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    had a huge draw down recently. caught in oil, stocks and bonds.
    diversified trend following CTA. I think they have an edge on the entry compared to other CTAs and on dynamic portfolio balancing.

  4. man, huge DD in March? Nice trends and high volatility are continued in 03/2003... But they can be caught in fast, sharp oil and euro fall recently.
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