Quadriga funds?

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  1. Did any guy try Quadriga funds? Its performance seems quite impressive but it has only a few years records.
  2. A buddy of mine is affiliated with these people. I asked him what he thought and here was his reply:

    Actually the performance of the flagship fund Quadriga AG is from 1996. More than a few years.

    That fund (as of last week) was ranked # 3 of ANY fund in terms of performance over 5 years. Can you say consistency? You will find it on Micropal S&P but under the Offshore Funds search.

    There are new US versions of the fund. 5K minimum and I think the first retail hedge fund (CTA fund) in the US. There are several funds available. Some only a few years old. They spent over 1 year going through SEC loops to get it authorized and the SEC signed off.

    This type of fund utilizes systematic. Trends are their friends! The fund is a little volatile. Can't take the volatility don't buy it.
    Wanna make money? Buy Quadriga. Statistically, if you compare their main Quadriga AG fund (since 96) to other similar CTA funds Quadriga makes more and in down months losses less. Capital Appreciation in trending markets and Cap Preservation in choppy.

    Quadriga rocks.


    Don't know if this helps, but there you go.
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    what part exactly strikes you as impressive about their performance?

    i thought this was a traders site?

    this here is impressive:

    a guy from london who built up a chain of restaurants and sold them for 30 million dollars, then turned that into over one billion usd trading spot forex out of the bahamas:



  4. If I'm not mistaken Quadriga took a massive hit in Oct, like -28%. A lot to lose in a month when capital preservation is the name of the game.

    However one can't argue with their returns although reading their website the principal states that computers will one day rule the trading world. Not so in my opinion because if you have super computer trading against super computer then someone still has to lose.
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    According to IASG ( http://iasg.pertrac2000.com/SnapshotPT.asp?ID=421 ) Quadriga Beteil had a loss of 13.78% in Oct 2002 - their worst month ever.

    They charge 4.8% management fee, plus 20% incentive. Too high IMO.
  6. Here's his quote;

    Q:What is the future of this industry?

    A:I can see two major trends: Firsty, hedge funds are going to take the place of traditional investment funds, because hedge funds are also able to profit from falling prices. Secondly, fund management is going to change to a hightech-industry. Humans are not going to be of importance in the management of a fund anymore. Computers will completely take over the trading decisions.
  7. Its always interesting to look at fund performances at IASG...Quadriga's assortment of funds got absolutely crushed in October...It stands to reason that Quadriga is basically perfectly correlated with having leveraged short exposure to the S&P 500...Therefore, investors in the fund are extremely happy during months like July, September, etc, etc...But the investors should also be doing their due diligence because a month like October is a warning signal...With the basic neutrality of the market now...Oscillations between strong weeks up and strong weeks down, that leveraged short side exposure can be dangerous...After all, its safe to assume that many investors probably saw their account statements at the end of 3rd Quarter in September, saw how much they lost with traditional long market exposure and then switched a good amount of capital into Quadriga, only to lose somewhere between 20-30% in one month...