Quadraplegic dumped from wheelchair by a deputy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hughb, Feb 12, 2008.

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  2. its already going viral.. give it time. what also infuriates me is the white male cop walking past the camera laughing.
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    It was just featured on the NBC Today show this morning.
  4. and CNN:

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    Whats stopping a group of citizen-activists from suing these belligerent cops for assault?
  6. I'm glad it was all caught on camera. And as much as I hate lawyers, I hope the victim gets a really good one. Quite apart from the physical harm, the affront to the man's dignity was outrageously unacceptable.
  7. Florida....of course.
  8. here is Baltimore's finest:

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    i remember years ago dropping my car off at the shop, and walking back to the office. i walked across a lot where some kids were roller blading. they looked aprehensive as i approached them

    i looked up and just said 'looks like fun', and they gave me the most surprised look and said 'it is'

    they seemed shocked that an uptight looking guy in a suit could see kids having fun on a nice day and not lecture them about safety, scold them for trespassing or in some way 'tell them what to do'

    when i was a kid, i always wondered why so many guys thought they had to be a prick to kids for no reason
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