Quad Video Card Dilemma

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by cruiser, May 6, 2002.

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    Looking for some input from anyone with experience with some of the Quad video cards that are available. Had been looking at the Appian Rushmore for $595.00 and the Matrox G200 MMS Quad for $699.00. was researching the Rmore card but got a little leery when a salesman mentioned about the card being "finicky" with other software so turned towards the G200 and liked what I found out about it an suppose to be an easy install but still hated the $$. But read on a thread here about someone getting one on E-Bay so I checked it out and yeah it seems they are running from $150-250 for used ones and $250-400 for new ones. I was surprised that several were available, anyway I missed a bid today but now have several e-mails from people wanting to sell me G200. So now I'm leery again, what's the deal?? Why so many people dumping G200's, I couldn't find any Appians listed. So any knowledge sharing or experience you might have with your card would be appreciated.
    I only have one PCI slot so I need a Quad card as 2 monitors just doesn't cut it and as I'm running XP I would prefer to get a new card that would be compatible with my system.....Anyone hear anything about Matrox coming out with a new Quad card????:confused:
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    Matrox is introducing a new line of multi-monitor cards.

    Other than that, I have no idea. I own two g200Quad cards (one the original analog, the other the digital version.) I also own a G450 dual and a G550 dual. I have never encountered a problem with the cards.

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    I've run three Matrox card sets for 3 years without a problem. My technical support contractor insists upon that particular brand. It sounds like you're shopping this hard. It could be disasterous if your multiple-monitor card crashed during trading. I'd suggest that this may be one corner that you don't skimp on.
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    Matrox is going to introduce the G450 X4 (and X2) later this quarter, supposedly. There is something on their website about this in the news section, I think.

    The G200 MMS is all you need though. I'm running their dual version. I've been really happy with the card and the support I've gotten.
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    Tks. all for input & link...helps to hear from people who put high demands on their cards that are satisfied with performance...
  6. Let's not forget that their tech support is unrivaled in the business. Seriously, whenever I post a problem to the matrox forum (which is free) one of their tech guys responds within 30 minutes, often sooner, and they know the hardware very very well.

    Good support like that is almost impossible to find - especially considering that most of their dualhead cards are less than $100.
  7. http://www.pricewatch.com/

    Good place to check out street prices. Watch out for bad shipping fees though, some of these outfits will have a low card price but ding you $15 for UPS shipping...

  8. I have 7 flats ...using 2 Matrox cards. I have had problems with cursosr being stuck at edge of each monitor and my layouts not being saved properly... I have to think its some kind of video card driver bug. Maybe its not 100% compatble with Win2000 Pro. Not sure. So far, no solutions yet.
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    I have six flats, runing on a G200Quad digital and a G550 Dual DVI. I do sometimes get weird cursor issues on one of my flats (its a 15", the others are 18") but never on the others. I have never had the cursor get stuck on me tho :(

    I keep up with the latest drivers pretty regularly tho...

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