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    Looking for optimal viewing/ergonomic set up for 4 x 19 inch monitors

    3 options;

    1. 4 x horiizontal

    2. 2 x above , 2 x below

    3. 3 x horozontal, 1 above centre horizontal

    Any opinions/Input would be much appreciated.
  2. It depends what you are doing.

    If most of what you are doing is on the centre monitor and then you look up to do trade entry with two outside monitors for rarely examined material etc. In this case 1 up, 2 to the sides.

    Where are you eyes going to be going?
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    Daytrading. Monitors made up of ~4 DOM's & Charts.

    I've been using 4 horizontal and am not too happy with the setup. Iam leaning towards 3 horizontal and one on top (centre)
  4. Like the previous poster said. If you need a center monitor for actives and control, 3 wide 1 up makes sense.

    Personally I do 3-wide myself. Main trading on the center one, and sides = charts
  5. go look at my 8 monitor setup under monitor setups. i have a horizontal 4 and 4 up and down. if you do a 4 you must have the egrotron stands as it tilts them in nicely and makes the tops monitors easy to see. saying that you'll always use your 2 center monitors to trade and outer monitors for stuff like brieing or i use mine for accounts i don't trade much. if i had only 4 monitors i'd use the 3 down 1 up also.
  6. Got a link????
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    Not to steal your thread but I have a question along this topic.

    I will be upgrading my setup soon and I'm also looking to do a multi monitor setup.

    Am I right to assume that the computer will need some added card that allows the multi screen? And once set up am I right to assume that the display that you would normally see on a single screen will be equally divided on the monitors? Then if I maximize an open window will that window fill all the monitors? Obviously I am a bit confused.


    Thanks for any help.
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