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Discussion in 'Trading' started by TraderMCB, Oct 19, 2001.

  1. TraderMCB


    I am new to this so i'm not sure if this question has been asked. Can anyone recommend a really good quad monitor card to be used on a Windows 2000 machine? Thanks
  2. mjt


    I use the Appian Jeronimo. I've had it for a couple years; works great, tech support is great. The guy that runs this site sells them; if you click on 'hardware' at the top of the screen, you'll see links to all the Appian cards.
  3. elie


    same here

    I am using jeronimo pro 4 more than 2 years now, and no problems and got the best support from appian
  4. Fohat



    It's better to have two PCs with dual head videocards, instead of one with quad monitor. It'll be more reliable and less expensive.

    Why pay higher price for more unreliable setup?!

  5. mjt



    Why do you say that a quad monitor setup is unreliable?
  6. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    I can't speak for Fohat, and I wouldn't say a single computer quad setup is unreliable as such, but I agree with him that 2 computers with dual-monitor setups has a lot of advantages. Adding a second computer and putting inexpensive dual-monitor cards in both (like the Matrox G450 or the ATI Radeon VE) provides redundancy which is essential to my peace of mind. Then, worse case scenario, if one computer goes down for whatever reason I've still got a fully operational computer with two monitors. Other advantages are you can easily network your two computers together to share data, backup data from one to the other, share broadband connections, etc. And these days a second computer doesn't cost much at all.
  7. TraderMCB


    Thanks everyone for your replies, i appreciate the response.

    Fahat, i am currently running 2 PC's with dual cards but i'm looking to expand my layout. I think a quad card would be more feasible currently for me than than purchasing a third machine.
  8. Fohat



    I didn't say unreliable, I said "more unreliable" and magna explained why.

    If your PC hardware or software crashes, with quad card you "loose" the 4 monitors, with two dualhead PCs you're still in business with 2 operational monitors. Moreover, you'll have more processing power and storage space to run and backup applications.

    TraderMCB, as for the price, a quad monitor card costs more than a certain PC and two ATI Radeon VE dual head videocards.

    It's better to avoid buying cheap refurbished videocards with unknown history. Buy brand new videocards.
  9. Merl4


    If you want to run two to four monitors from a single machine, I would highly recommend using the (Matrox G200 MMS Quad 4 port video card). You can find these on ebay or one of the other auctions for around $100. I use this with W2K and it has worked perfectly with a multi-monitor setup.
  10. Andre


    Thanks for the comments folks. I’m looking into getting the second monitor. I think 4 would be too much for me to look at, at this time - keeping it simple to start. If I’m any good at this, and feel I could use the 4 monitors... I'd probably go with a second computer, for the redundancy.
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