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  2. WarEagle or anyone else please amplify on this...........I am running an older TNT2 Nividia card that comes 32MB....I was browsing a few websites and noticed that the newer jacked double head Nividia cards also come 32MB....I have seen others 64MB & more...........Do you think this plays a role or is not significant in terms of video performance and quality of picture.

    Also if anyone has a 15" flat screen that they may love and is easy on the eyes, please let me know the vendor and model #. I am thinking of setting up a three-four flat 15" set up....

    Thanks in advance
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    I don't know the specs of the TNT cards, but my GeForce3 (64MB) is dual-head and when I plug in a second monitor the quality diminishes tremendously to the point of being unusable. It could be a configuration issue that I am unaware of (that's why I'm a trader and not graphcs card tech), but I keep my drivers updated and that doesn't seem to help. Matrox cards are designed for multi-monitor support whereas the Nvidia cards are designed for high end graphics like gaming. I only keep the GeForce card because I'm addicted to the game Counter-Strike :). If I only needed multi-monitor support, the only cards I would consider would be the Matrox cards. I don't know what the TNT cards cost, but the G450's (32MB) are available from newegg.com for around $95 or so...that's pretty cheap.
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  6. I thought the PC was limited to just two video card capability?
    Obviously not true!

    These are four PCI cards?
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  7. In my company wee have three monitors three video cards set up and it is working fine. One is AGP and two Video 118PCI 32TV cards.
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    From what I have seen on the web, XP can do 10, and there may be ways to fudge it higher.
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  9. XP is the only OS that I would try to get "crazy" with. 98 1st or 2nd can pretty much support two screens and that is it. If anyone has a different experience, please fill us in.

    One other important thing to note is that back in the days of 98 1st & 2nd, allot of retail machines came with pretty lame processor speeds and system board capactiy. So if you happen to plug in one ethernet card and one video card, good luck booting your computer up as all of your IRQ's are bascially taken up. YOu would surely have to remove your PS2 mouse & go USB style.

    In fact, anyone who has more than two PCI cards plugged into an older machine on 98, also feel free to share details.......................
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  10. Thanks for your feedback. Your comments on the GeForce kind of confirmed by suspicions. Diminishing quality in the picture screen is something that I can not deal with at this stage of the game. I am also considering a Matrox setup.
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