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  1. Several threads discuss Ergotron's quad LCD monitor stands. I have had these priced out and have squeezed to get the lowest price possible. Unfortunately, I find them to expensive even to buy in bulk. I'm looking to replace the current setups for each of my traders with Quad stands. It is more efficient to look at monitors in that configuration rather looking across their desk at monitors set side by side. These stands cost almost as much as a new 19" LCD.

    Does anyone know where these can be had for less than $200 a piece? I don't mind buying them used as long as they are consistent.
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    I was just downstairs looking at the stand. It seems pretty stable and the arms can be adjusted to however you need. I would like them all to be touching in the middle and I think that should be do able but I'll find out tommorow.
    The only problem so far is a small crack in the plastic base. I just sent an e mail to moview with some pics. Hopefully they can just mail me a new piece instead of me sending the whole thing back to tigerdirect. I'll let you know tomorrow how it is.

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    Take a look at the arms manufactured by Innovative Office Products(IOP):


    Download their catalog and look through it. Their stuff is modular, just like ergotron. IOP is cheaper than Ergotron. You could buy direct from IOP, but it is cheaper to buy IOP products through Ergomart in Texas:


    Ergomart drop ships direct from IOP. I just bought a 9130 extended reach stand with a 30" pole and am very pleased with it. Call IOP direct and discuss exactly the stand you need. IOP will give you a part number for it. Call Ergomart with the number and get pricing.

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    Dunno about the quad stands, but the duals are about as cheap as I could find a couple years ago. When you get a set, you'll see why - these things are heavy and well-built.
  6. The problem, T, is that I'm trying to conserve space by creating a stacked configuration like the one that comes with the quad stands. Right now, the monitors sit in a single row next to each other and span about 7 ft across from end to end. I'm watching traders turning their heads side to side while comparing different charts. I'm also forced to have bigger tables in a crowded room. With quad stands, I would need much less space and all the information is right there without even having to turn your head. The trouble is, I have to buy 8 of these and keep adding as more traders come on. It is not that much of an expense, but I try not to accumulate gadgets and spend money without doing the research.
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    Ergotron products are as good as I have found. However, you can find places that have them for cheaper. They are not ever advertised and do not show up in search engines.

    go to www.provantage.com They have many ergotron products and you can call them if you do not find what you are looking for on their website. They are were I buy from.

    You can get many different Ergotron solutions that maybe less expensive than the standard quad solution. Plus you can build your own by using longer poll stands etc. I find Eggotron to be better than the others simply cuz the parts don't bust and replacement parts are easier come by etc. They tend to be more stable.

    There are many competitors that have come on line lately for multiple monitor stands. For instance the Quad Mojave solution looks to be inexpensive. I do not know the brand. But I have been burnt cutting corners.

    You generally only have to buy monitor stands once and then maybe extensions. So look around. Saving 50 or 100 bucks per stand can make sense. But, FWIW, if one little thing about a stand bothers you. It will irritate the hell out of you while you are trading and staring at the damn thing all day.
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    look up the ds100 series you can build your own stacks in what ever configuration you want. You do not have to even start with a quad or a dual. You can buy the stands and polls and grommets or just buy a couple duals and START BUILDING.

    have fun bro

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    Just a thought....

    You could get a couple of 6' tables at Costco for about $40 each and arrange them in an "L" pattern.

    It's then easy to have 4 monitors side-by-side, and you don't have to mess with stands at all.
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