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  1. I'm looking for a new quad graphics card (to support 4 LCD's) and I would like to hear from you guys who use one. Which card will you recommend? I found very few options.

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  2. G200 MMS G2+/QUADP-PL/7 32MB PCI .I have had a few of them and had no problems.Look on Ebay you can brilliant deals
  3. cant beat the g200 mms and they are cheap on ebay.
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    I bought the Matrox G200 Multi-Monitor (G2+/QUAD-PL/TVN) about a year back and really like it. I got it off of eBay for around $325 give or take. Matrox sells them on their website for something like $699.

    Mine was new but these below were pulled from some Compaqs, don't know how reliable this dealer is. (Buyer Beware)

    p.s. Mine has a TV tuner, not sure about the above.
  5. no reason to get tv card unless you want it.. you can get plain g200 mms for 120-130.
  6. There crazy prices,you can get 10 times better deals on Ebay,just be careful to read the sellers feedback ratings
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  8. Be careful buying Compaq/OEM cards. I've heard some people have had trouble getting them to work correctly in other brands of computers. Do your research before you buy one of these...

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    You cant go wrong with either Appian or Matrox. Check EBAY for some good deals. My experience is that the Matrox drivers are easier to install.
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