Quad cards.... Appian?

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    I see that Appian offer a card that can drive 4 monitors off one slot - anyone have any experience with this model (and Win2k)?? I looked at their site, could only see two video connections out back of the card and some semi cryptic comments about 4 monitors being 'possible'.


  2. With this card, I believe Appian accomplishes this with a splitter (although I have no personal exp). I use several Matrox G450's (AGP & PCI) Only dual cards but they work flawlessly w/NT, and they are VERY easy to install & configure. Stick the card in the slot and you're off to the races. EASY EASY EASY. (And inexpensive too @$100). It works right out of the box, and the included software is robust and intuitive. Great product! Highly recommended!
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    Appian now has two products that accomplish a quad-monitor setup. The first is the Appian Jeronimo Pro, which is the company's most poplular unit, and the Appian X, which is a brand new model that comes with DVI outputs and Appian's proprietary AGX chip, a much higher performing chip that the one found in the Jeronimo Pro.

    Both models come with special adapter cables that enable four monitors to be connected. The adapter cables are necessary becaues its physically impossible to squeeze four VGA connectors on the face of a single PCI card.

    I use the Jeronimo Pro myself running Compaq 18" flat panels and it works great. All monitors run at 1280 x 1024.
  4. shortnfool,

    Where did you buy you g450 (PCI). It only show a AGP version on Matrox's website.

    Anyway, I just bought a new G550 ($100+), a lot of improvement compare to G450. It now support different resolution on the secondary monitor.
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    The Matrox website is poorly organized IMO. Keep looking you will find it. I bought my first G450 PCI from them back in April after it first came out. I am currently running 4 G450 PCIs in my system.
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    With 4 dual-head cards, does that mean you use 8 monitors?
    What Operating System are you using? Can it be done with Windows 2000?

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    I am actually running 4 G450 PCIs and 1 Matrox Marvel G450 eTV in my AGP slot. They are all dualheads. The AGP card can only connect basically one monitor and one TV. I do not have a TV with S-video port yet so I am not making use of that one head. Yes, I am running Win 2000. In fact Win 2000 is designed to efficiently handle many video cards, more so than Win98SE. The crucial issue I think is your motherboard and the number of PCI slots it has. I am currently using an ASUS P3V4X with 550E Intel CPU and 4 256 meg sticks of Crucial RAM. For about $100.00 for each of four cards I was able to add an additional 8 monitors. Not a bad price I think for all that extra desktop space. I bought my first at Matrox because I got it right after they released it and nobody else had them. You can now find them much cheaper at Pricewatch.com sold by other vendors.
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    Thanks for the information.
    I think it's a cheaper alternative to paying $800-$1000
    for a Appian quad monitor card.
  9. I had a matrox G450 dual card. Had problems with slowness of the computers, and had problems moving the mouse very quickly. Using appian now, no problems.
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