Quad Card VS: 2 Dual Cards

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Nereus, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Nereus


    Needing to upgrade my computer. Wondering if anyone has an opinion about the effiency of running one quad graphics card vs: running two dual graphics cards. Cost is not the issue.

    I currently run 5 monitors and will use one of the above configurations in addtion to the graphics card that comes in the new computer.

    Any and all opinions are respectfully appreciated.

    Thanks very much
  2. gnome


    Either is OK, but quads are overpriced.

    If you haven't bought your computer yet, decide on.. (1) monitor size and resolution you intend to run, THEN (2) make sure the computer you buy has a proper mobo for the video cards those monitors will need.

    Suggest you avoid any computer with "onboard video" unless you've tested it to make sure it will run with your other video cards...
  3. Tums


    Quad card is mainly for computers without available slots.
    i.e. they got you by the balls... pay up!
  4. I concur . . .

    I run 3 trading computers; 1 Quad Core w/5 monitors, one onboard video card and a Matrox QID card and it runs perfect. 1 Quad Core w/4 monitors, two Matrox dual head cards and an inoperable onboard card and it runs perfect. 1 Quad Core w/5 monitors one onboard video card and 2 Dual NVIDIA cards and it runs perfect.

    Make sure you have an ample power supply and memory whichever direction you go.
  5. gnome


    You got them all running at once? Does that give you whiplash?
  6. cstfx


    I think he uses them in the winter to heat his house! :D

    14 monitors! Damn, that's some setup!
  7. Tums


  8. Matrox QIDs are nice because they are passively cooled, meaning low noise.

    My box sounds like a vacuum cleanser, im thinking either about a KVM extender solution (only found 1 that supports 4 monitors, expensive) or low noise components.
  9. try ebay. . . .
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