QT won't launch - any ideas?

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  1. Out of the blue this morning my QT just refuses to launch. I tried restarting, and I've been in contact with email support, but they seem to have shut down on me after I declined their offer to look inside my system using realvnc (virtual hookup to my pc's innards ... :eek: )

    So, it seems I'm on my own now and I have no idea what to do next. I really need those volume charts. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks much.
  2. If I were you I would just uninstall the software and re-install it. This should re-configure it back the way it was when you first install the software.
  3. Thanks. I thought about that but I'm not all that familiar with the procedure (uninstalling). If I do this, I assume I'll lose my QT configuration, correct?
  4. Correct, however, it appears that your installation is corrupt and re-install the cleanest solution.

    E-mail Jerry Medved support@quotetracker.biz or QT customer service and ask for assistance with the re-install... he has always been more than happy to help his customers.
  5. If you don't want to loose all your configuration than what i would do is over re-install it or you can webupdate the software, its the same either way. I think webupdate is easier to do than over re-enstallation. I did this on my quotetracker and it still has my same configuration.
  6. Did you ever tried re-booting your computer because one time my internet explore failed to launced and I didn't know what was the reason after i found out that rebooting my computer fixed the problem. Give it a reboot and see if it fixed the problem.
  7. Many thanks guys.

    As I mentioned, QT support is no longer responding to my inquiries. So I think I'll try the web update. I'll post the results.
  8. When you say "won't launch" do you mean that you can't get quotes.

    This happened to me and Jerry went into my computer and found that my security whatchamacallits were expired. He then went into my computer again and imported them from another one of his staff. Every thing worked fine after that.

    Wish I could be more specific but I know the fix that you are in and I'm just trying to help at the expense of showing my own ignorance.

    I was really pleased and impressed with all the trouble that he went to. I've never come across anyone like him and I trust him implicidly.

    Give him a try.
  9. Ok, I did receive instructions from QT and the problem was fixed with a simple download and re-install from the site. Once again, thank you all for your ideas and assistance.

    I wish to formally apologize to Jerry and Steven @ QT for any negative sentiment that may have been generated on my behalf. My experience with QT support has always been very positive, and this time was no exception. I guess I just got a little impatient and panicked after I hadn't heard anything for a couple of hours, while up to that point support had been so quick replying to my initial inquiries (usually within several minutes).

    Anyway, kudos to QT for a great product and great service. And next time, I'll try the re-install just as a matter of course, before yelling "fire".
  10. Quotetracker will do remote fixes on your computer now? Lordy are they going to be busy. They may regret having that capability.:p
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