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    got, it, how reliable is it if i need to cancel an order, am i better off going through TWS?
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  2. its the same thing - if you cancel an order in QT - you will see the status change in TWS at the same time
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  3. zxcv1fu


    I am a subscriber of QT & am recommending it to everyone. QT is a great software & support is very good/speedy.

    You have the FAQ of IB. How do you configure 2 portfolios & trading both thru QT? Can you post the steps in the QT site? It seems many have both brokers. Thanks!
    #13     Nov 4, 2003
  4. configuring DATEK and IB:

    for IB, just set it up the way we have it documented at:

    for DATEK, just go to OPTIONS/Data Sources menu, click on TRADING tab, select DATEK and add account, then enter the login info and click OK.

    You will now have IB and DATEK as available brokers on the trade panel and you can switch between them.

    Look around the trading configuration screen, the various sub-tabs. We have a bunch of useful settings there.
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  5. zxcv1fu


    How do I open both 2 portfolio (Datek + IB) in the same time?

    Do I need to have TWS open just to have IB data feed?
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  6. blb078


    yes you have to have tws open to get the ib data feed. go to portfolio-new portfolio window. there will be an option to select what ever you named the ib portfolio, and click on it.
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  7. as for opening 2 portfolios, the first one is automatically opened on the main QT window. To open a 2nd window for another portfolio, select PORTFOLIO/New Portfolio Window menu
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    Thanks for all the help!
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