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  1. zxcv1fu


    I am using QT w/ Datek Apex account which allow me to have up to 80 symbols & DJ news.
    Now I have IB account also. If I change my QT to use w/ IB account, how many symbols that I can use? I'd like to trade thru QT, do I also need to have TWS up? Can I have my futures in the watchlist?

    Is there anyway to use Datek & IB datafeed both?

  2. blb078


    i use the exact same setup, Datek for investing & swing trades, and IB for futures and scalping. you can have both accts in QT at once.
    IB only allows 40 symbols, but you can have stocks and futures on the same list. Keep datek for you backfill(IB doesn't have backfill yet) but you won't have backfill for futures. Keep Datek for you indicie quotes. Yes you have to have TWS open for the IB quotes. I use TWS for order entry, just point & click.
  3. zxcv1fu


    I thought it will be better if I use QT & do not need to have TWS open. Guess it is wishful thinking.

    I use Datek for swing & IB for options, scalping & futures.
  4. blb078


    it's actually better having tws open, because the order entry is easier than it is for QT, just two clicks and your order is sent. for entering orders for datek, it's the same, QT will do just fine for that. also QT defaults its charts every two seconds, you change change that to were it is .05 seconds
  5. zxcv1fu


    I think I will keep the Datek datafeed w/ QT, since I have to have TWS open anyway. There is no advantage to use IB datafeed besides futures. I have Qcharts for that.
  6. blb078


    that would work, if you use level2 it would be best to use IB's level2, dateks isn't very detailed. i don't know if you know this or not, but you can set up both accts. on QT at once and just swicth back and forth to each accts as needed.
  7. c_verm


    I use QT for my order entry as well. I find it works great. Not to mention the ability to trade wit hthe bid & ask (offset feature)
  8. Trading - you can configure both and switch between them. You can have multiple datek accounts configured as well.

    Quotes - You can have 2 portfolio windows open - one with DATEK as the source, another with IB. As was mentioned previously, select DATEK for Indices. That way, you will be able to have a total of 120 symbols (plus 10 indices if you use the beta QT version)

    IB vs QT trading - its 2 clicks in QT too. Well, a double click and a click.
  9. blb078



    whats the easiest way to trade IB using QT? i'm guessing highlight the product, right click-trade, hit buy or sell? or is there a quicker way?
  10. double click on bid/ask/last on the quotes - that will fill in the trade panel. Hit BUY/SELL. you first have to enable the double click on bid/ask/last option on OPTIONS/Data sources menu, TRADING tab (bottom of that screen)
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