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  1. plan


    I make decent money and have no trouble paying for good tools. I use QT and have other friends (trader friends) who use E-Sig and pay much more scold me for being cheap. I've tried Esig but prefer QT and even if they were the same price, I'd use QT.

    Any opinions out there on this? Just because Esig is more expensive doesn't mean its better.

    Of course, not talking about feed since you need to add IQ feed cost to QT for ex, just talking charts. IQ feed plus QT runs less than half of what Esig costs and IQ feed I think is much better than Esig.
  2. dinoman


    If you can deal with the less functional option of QT, I say Esignal is a waste.

    I think Esignal has the best charting functionality on the market, but since there data feed and massive drag on PC performance, when using there charts suck.

    Qt beats them, due to lack of the basics of a basic business model. That is providing a quality product that potential customers need.

    You can show me the sexiest car on the planet, but if only 4 of the 8 cylinders run, its kinda pointless.

    This is why Esignal has lost so many long time customers. The keep increasing prices and delivering less than what they did years ago.

    I guess you can't beat a dead horse and expect it to respond though.
  3. Viper101


    I would have to agree.

    QT is more than enough although it does have some limitations. For instance the paintbars alerts are not watchlistglobal.

    It does have some excellent features like EOD scanner and Trade Ideas built into it.

    However, Esignals does have a built in scanner which can be used. Im not sure how powerful it is. I like the way prices are displayed on the sell/buy that way you can quickly check the spread before placing the order.
  5. plan


    Yes, that's the thing. All I'm using for indicatiors are volume and EMA. So if you use only those two indicators, is Esig really better?
  6. dinoman


    Built in Yes, at an additional cost. Its effectiveness is argumentative at best.
  7. dinoman


    Absolutely not! It could be though.
  9. dinoman


    Just to clarify the "It could be though" is related to how and what way you receive signals for those possible alerting scenarios. We all have our preference on how we get our prospective data delivered to us. ESIg has better delivery options on that IMHO. Unfortunately it doesn't currently trump their other downfalls.

    I get the "LOL" though.

    :D :p :D
  10. IQ is not any better than eSignal. The difference is price. There is no earthly reason to pay eSignal when you can use IQ feed for 65% of the price or whatever it is.

    I'm one of those who dino described. I finally ditched eSignal after I had had enough of their data problems and more importantly, of their habit of blaming me or my computer or my internet connection. Blaming me, that is, when I could get a human at customer service, which, during trading hours, is a total joke. You can get a chat rep after hours who sounds like a bot and answers questions you haven't asked. I would then come on here and an eSignal rep would always post the same crap - 'We're working on the problems and expect to have them solved soon'.

    There is nothing in this price range that is without problems. IQ feed is probably the best of a bad bunch.
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