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    Am sure this has been asked before however..... can QT pull up daily, weekly and monthly futures charts for CBOT and CME products?
  2. It can but you cannot use IB as the backfill source for the historical data because IB does not currently provide that data. You would have to use one of the subscription sources such as IQFeed, Prophet, eSignal as Hist. Backfill sources within QT
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    tks for the prompt reply.....so... would hvg esignal EOD plus IB work or does the fact that esignal EOD does not transmit during mkt hours become a problem.

    fyg - for several yrs I've been using esignal real time for data/charts and Lind-Waldock>Refco>and now Mann. Hv had to many issues over the yrs and its time to change.

    tks again
  4. eSig EOD would not work. Has to be an intraday subscription

    eSig and Prophet have continuous futures symbols. IQFeed is working on it.
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    is IB's TWS available over the weekends.......and therefore the data available
  7. No; it shuts off until just before the globex opening. You'll find hours on the website somewhere if you look a little harder.

    Edit: Try Help / System Status