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    QT has become so slow lately with the new versions it's unbearable. Can't they come up with a lean version without all the extra crap? It's slow, prone to crash....

    I can't think of any alternatives either since it has a couple things I can't find in others, ie. Esignal.

    Anyone else with they could download a lighter, faster version? Wish they would offer two versions. Is that possible?
  2. Its no slower than it ever was, and I have many charts and l2's up.

    Would be nice if it was a little more 'responsive'
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    I have eleven monitor screens loaded with QT and have no problems with QT being slow. You may have issues other than with QT. I have several sources of data and will switch data sources when the one I have selected is running behind.
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    Can I ask how much memory you have on your computer and whether you have quad core?
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    For my trading machine, I am running an older PC I put together a few years ago:
    MSI board with 6 PCI slots, AMD 1.4 GHZ CPU, 1 GIG of PC133 ram, 12 monitors, and running Windows 2000. I run QT, TWS, and MBT Navigator and my Captools accounting software all at the same time with head room to spare. I use my other PCs for the internet and all activities other than trading. I will stick with Windows 2000 as long as my trading software will run on it. I plan to use Linux on my trading machine when I can no longer use Windows 2000. QT and TWS both can be run under Linux.
  6. You've got an adequate set-up....the Win2k alone saves you GOBS of overhead relative to Win/XP.
    If things are getting slower, it's not your set-up....and dual-core, quad-core is worthless unless the trading software has been SPECIFICALLY re-written to take advantage of multiple cores.
    This multiple core stuff has been a great marketing hype machine....with few really able to take advantage of it.
    You must ask each and every vendor of software on your machine: "Is your software multi-core enabled ?"
    My take: 90% of the responses will be "NO".
  7. I think you are mistaken on the dual core thing.

    Yes, a single app will not benefit unless its written for it, but if you run multiple apps on the same box, you should see much better overall performance.
  8. I hate PC lag time... go crazy with delays... so...

    Every week to i hope to keep my trading PC at its most efficient by running a weekly maintenance plan...

    1. Virus scans and Spyware scans with latest updates to stay current on the latest viruses, Trojans and malware...

    2. Perfect Disk Defragging Software... used to completely defrag my PC and create the least amount of movement on my hard drive needle and platter as possible for the next week...

    3. AdAware for further deSpyware maintenance...

    4. Backup everything to external hard drive... once in awhile do a Image snapshot of whole system for emergency reloading of all apps at one time in one shot.. Use Acronis for that...

    5. Clean cache and reduce history in web browsers... not a real biggie... but it makes me feel better... :)

    6. Registry Cleaning.. every single week to get out the incredible junk that piles up in there...

    7. During the week... as i go... for every folder or File i add i try to delete 3 folders or files i no longer need...


    For trading efficiency - I only use multi thread apps for main trading platform and for DDE i use Marketfeed's MLink app...

    Their DDE app uses 1/5 the CPU that eSig's and DTN's and others use... not sure how they do it.. but its amazing... I am pulling 1000 links for last, vol and change... and not hardly any CPU... with eSig and DTN... cpu got killed... even with RTD...

    seems to work just fine... so far...

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    Edge what do you recommend for #6?
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