QSII Sold ==> 79 consecutive winners for $$$MR. MARKET$$$

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    I need to learn to never sell losers...

    Even if they drop another 67%, Mr Market sez they aren't losers until you sell...

    If I didn't sell my losing trades I'd have 24,193 CONSECUTIVE WINNERS!!!!

    I'd be HUGE TOO!!! :D
  2. you need a tv show "mr mad market".
  3. 79 trades in a row is quite impressive, Sir. However, to be fair, you should mention the open trades you still have from as far back as 02-04 that are down anywhere from 16 to 82%. That should keep your thick neck in good order with all the up and down movement on your screen!
    Regardless, there are some nice picks. Here's to another 79.
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    He will Pump Up Your Portfolio!

  5. qsii came up within the last week on my 'short this sucker now' screen
  6. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$MR.MARKET$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,

    Another winner, congrats. Do us a favor and post your next pick here.
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