QQQQ's or Nasdaq Futures

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QQQQ's or Nasdaq Futures

  1. QQQQ's

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  2. Nasdaq 100 Futures

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  1. You are given 100K cash to invest, and are limited to EITHER QQQQ's or Nasdaq-100 Futures.

    Your always-correct crystal ball says that it is one month before a new bull market in the NASDAQ, and you want to get positioned. Bull market should last 2+ years.

    Which one? Why? Which gives you more bang-for-the-buck?
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    One idea is that you could do either one on the long side and just hedge it some Q's puts just to be sure.
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    You answered your own question. If your crystal ball is always correct, the answer is a no-brainer....

    The correct answer would depend on where you got that 100K (is it an extra, or did you just mortgage your house?) and what is your goal (steady income or making it big) and risk aversion.
  5. what is leading you to believe that the nasdaq is going to bottom and rally for two years?
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    Your question doesn't make any sense at all. If you got your always correct crystal ball then, as it has been mentioned, it's a no brainer, go for futures as you get greater leverage and preferential tax treatment if you're a US tax payer.