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  1. The entire morning my intraday high/low window has been a sea of red, yet QQQQ has been climbing. Does this seem like abnormal behavior to anyone else here?

    Isn't the QQQQ supposed to represent the broad range of activity, or is there a new disconnect developing with ETFs these days?
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  3. right, it's tracking nasdaq, but i have a screen that represents high/low intraday activity on nasdaq stocks. It usually mirrors nasdaq, but today i've seen nothing but red all day with an occasional daily high on yhoo or rimm.

    Just seems to me that usually when nasdaq is climbing, i see a lot of green on that screen. Not today.
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    Oh I see, maybe there is some sector that is doing well that you dont have reflected in the stocks on your screen?
  5. thanks. It covers nasdaq completely, but yet, all day, i've been seeing heavy red selling flashing by, while QQQQs barely move, then lift into green territory, even while the intraday screen is rapidly flashing red.

    Seems odd, almost like someone keeps buying QQQQ ETFs while individual stocks are being sold off.

    Oh well, thought someone else might have noticed this, but i won't waste any more time on the subject.