QQQQ trend change? Instead of shorting...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Option Trader, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. I was surprised to see that QQQQ in-the-money put options go for almost NO time premium; this seems to me as an ongoing situation, even for later months, including LEAPS for whatever reason.
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    Just guessing, but could this not have something to with the fact they can be exercised early?

    That is no TV because you should exercise immediately?
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    Option Trader/group;

    Most of those leaps have such a huge bid/ask requires long time frame ;
    but initial impression experience on like FEB,MAR ,JUN puts ATM,& 42 ITM have such good volume , can get excellant fills usually.

    Looks like QQQQ,50 day moving average area will hold
    ,dont know how long it may hold;
    thanks for interesting insight.

    $42 support- resistance/strike still sems a key :cool:
  4. To: dont
    You are right regarding the selling side, but on the buying side, you get that right

    To: Murray
    The spread between bid & ask concern can actually be reduced by waiting till there is a $.20 gap (i.e. re: options above $3.00 and $.10 increments), because then the real value is closer to the middle price; often, as soon as you stick your head in the middle for QQQQ your order goes through.