QQQQ trading system for a hedge fund

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  1. My partner has a hedge fund, and I am looking for a profitable QQQQ trading system on his behalf. If you have a backtested and time-tested strategy that works consistantly and reliably, he is willing to offer 5% of his cut on an ongoing basis.

    Please send me a PM with your phone number if you know someone who fits the bill.
  2. Wow! A whole 5%?
  3. YES!! The fund is big.
    So unless yours is that exceptional, if you ask too much, he'll just develop his own.
  4. Do I have to reveal system rules or I am just giving signals ?
    What is the conservative figure for 5% ?

    my email is walter904us@yahoo.com
  5. Choad


    You asked for it. You got it.


    I don't use them, but Hulbert tracks it and I've seen them written up, positively, in several financial pubs.

    Send my 5% fee to: Choad, c/o Elite Trader, The Internet

  6. We're necessarily talking system rules, as the quality of the system must be quantifiable.

    There's enough okay (and not so okay) tracked systems that send signals--this must be something beyond that.

    In terms of numbers, the quality of the system will determine the profitability. Hypothetically speaking, if the fund profits $4 million per year, after his 20% cut, your cut would mean $40k per year.
  7. :) It must be something beyond what's provided to the public.
  8. mind


    i wonder if people find that attractive. i mean you basically require probably 20something percent pa, so the system has to move 20m to make your 4m.
    a system trader needs 200k to make these 40k share (=20% pa). now use twice the leverage and the figure is at 100k. i would think that the quality you require will be not met by anyone who trades below 100k. i might be wrong, but i do not think you will be too happy with the outcome of this ...
  9. landboy


    I agree, assuming 20% p.a, making 4 million on a 20 million dollar fund doesn't sound all that exciting, sorry to say, 20 million doesn't go that far anymore...
  10. Reply to landboy and mind:

    1. The hedge fund has no limits of fund availability for a system that is top notch.
    2. The system owner will not be precluded from using it upon sale.
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