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  1. After 2 years of QQQQ trading system development I have some verified by Walk Forward Test solution for QQQQ trading and like offer it for customers (google more about what is Walk Forward Test, but in two words - WalkForwardTest is the consecution of the system tests on some unknown/future data (next trading day in my solution)). Estimate 1700 days QQQQ Walk Forward Test enclosed. I like notice - minimal capital for this system is $1M because system trades 3 times each 2 trading days (it mean around $50 commission per day or more...) Please, send me private message if you have interested.
  2. If you systems work, you should be able to make more than enough with your own money in the systems.

    If you're selling a system, it means either you tried it with real cash & it doesn't work, OR, you've never tried it with real cash & are looking for someone to test it with THEIR money for you. Either way, I'd stay away.
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    Sorry, but Walk Forward, Walk Backward, Walk Sideways....doesn't mean anything if you haven't got a real-time trade record.

    Simulations are a wonderful tool. But they can never account for many of the most important factors in trading success or failure.
    And in your case, any Q system showing your equity curve needs to be suspect even further because of the overall market environment over the past few years. Just run a system based on buying the Qs with even the slightest leverage, holding until now, and you'll get the point.
  4. Using a walk forward test as an argument to sell a product doesn't mean a lot. The typical criticism of a backtest (over optimization) is equally true for walk-forward testing if it is not known how many times a walk-forward test was repeated. If I would walk-forward test millions of random-entry random-exit strategies, some of the resulting equity curves would look even better than yours just by chance, which I then could offer for sale and describe as "verified".
  5. Walk forward testing is worse than optimizing data over long periods as it is optimized over a smaller chunk of data over and over. Put your money up, trade it with actual than see what you got.

    Good luck to you. You may need it.
  6. made small modification of the system (entry and stop loss values calculates from the average from learning period, not from last close) and what I have ...
  7. I dont know this bloke but you all seem concerned over walk forwards/or actual results but at the end of the day the only real way to evaluate this system or any system is to trade it. Nobody can predict the future so I dont know what it would take to get some of you willing to try a system.
  8. look, how my system work. It load some bars before some trading day, calculate system and then apply calculated system for NEXT TRADING DAY (UNKNOWN DATA). and I do it 1700 times. I guess it's clear to see is system stable or not...
  9. Dear Wayne,

    How it relates with my post? Anybody from these peaples made 1700 or long days WFT or do any explore of they system stable factor or interested work with me??? More useful from your side give me Collective2.com url. Let me know in private message, please.
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