QQQQ Trading Maximums

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by toc, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. toc


    Does anyone here trade 100K lot sizes of Cubes on a limit order. How are the fills, do they come in at once or it takes some playin around.

    Also, when doing the stop order, how much is the price difference in fills. Are there players who do more than 100K lot sizes in QQQQs. Cheers!
  2. Odgnut


    you can buy 100k of the Qs pretty easy...probably not move it more than a penny most of the time. I don't buy that much but I have bought 50-80k at a time...instant fills.
  3. ggg


    Yes. Fine. Stops are bad. Yes.
  4. Moreagr


    I have heard it was 5k or 10k to easy start an uptick :confused: 100k seems to be on the high side.

    during the middle of the day we dont even see 100k maybe 70k only first 2 hours well see 200k-600k
  5. Odgnut


    are we even talking about the same thing? The QQQQ trades an avg 70 million shares in a day. Over a typical 6 1/2 hour trading day...how does that equal 200k-600k over 2 hours? I see 100k-400k shares on the bid or ask all the time. I've personally bought over 50k at a time and not even moved the stock a penny.
  6. Moreagr


    i ment to put in minutes but that is per minute that we see 200k-600k and so in 1 minute how many trades to we have??? hundreds in the morning.... i dont think i have seen that many retail orders that trade in that large of a size even with with the QQQQ :confused:
  7. Odgnut


    If you haven't seen orders that big on the Qs then you must not look at it very often. I trade the Qs every single day...and 100k share taken at the bid or ask is NOT unusual. Like I said before there are many times in the day when there are 400k-500k on the bid and ask...not all the time...but 100k-200k is pretty routine.

    Do the math. 70,000,000 divided by 6.5 (hours in a trading day) = 10,769,230. Which is an average of over 10 million Qs traded every single hour. Divide that by 60 minutes and you have over 170k average traded every single minute. You can easily buy 100k in a minute and not move the Qs by more than a penny.
  8. That's true.

    QQQQ is one of the most actively traded instruments on the nasdaq, so plenty of liquidity and hundreds of thousands of shares available at any given time during out-cry session.